Oil Change

Regular preventative maintenance is absolutely essential to keeping your diesel tractor trailer truck running well on the road, but you would be surprised at how many drivers choose to ignore these services that really end up saving money in the long run, and sanity as well. If you have ever found yourself on the side of the road needing services then you probably already know how important it is to make sure that your truck is in tip-top shape before heading out on the road. Unfortunately, too many drivers find this out when it is too late. One of the best things that you can do as far as preventative maintenance goes is make sure that your truck has regular oil changes. So many people underestimate the value of this simple service, and they pay for it in the long run.

For diesel truck drivers regular oil changes are even more important because tractor trailers drive for so many miles. This results in a lot of wear and tear on the truck, which in turn will shorten its life significantly if it is not cared for the right way. Diesel engine trucks need oil changes even more frequently than other vehicles do, with a suggested regular schedule of every 10,000 miles. Adhering to such a schedule will ensure a longer life for your truck and fewer expenses for you in the long run.

EM Lube is dedicated to helping you make your truck last longer by scheduling regular maintenance such as oil changes. We offer full oil change services, including ensuring that the right filter is being used for your diesel engine truck. Tractor trailer drivers have been coming to our family owned business for years because they know that we know what we are doing, and because they know that we care about you and your truck. That is, and always has been, the EM Lube difference…